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Hulisani is an African Sustainable Energy Investment Company

As an African energy investment company, Hulisani has the means to invest in all forms of sustainable energy from the conventional such as coal and gas, to renewable energy in the form of solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy plants. We are diverse, professional and aware of the realities and vagaries of the market.

We listed as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) on the Main Board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in April 2016. Post listing, we secured some exciting investments in our quest to establish a pipeline of sustainable quality investments in the energy sector. Through our first investment in Redcap, we now trade as any normal, listed, Johannesburg Stock Exchange investment company.

Quality Investments in the Energy Sector

As a black-managed company, we believe in contributing to inclusive economic growth, where accountability and excellence are paramount in our mandate to ensure that there are always investment returns for our clients.

We invest in sustainable, profitable ventures on behalf of pension funds, asset managers and private investors.

Our priority is to work with pension funds that hold the assets of the South African “man in the street” as well as with fund managers who are committed to investing in economic development and socio-economic growth. Our investments are also available to individuals who require long-term sustainable secure investments, therefore  in this way, Hulisani is able to make a strong contribution to equitable and inclusive economic empowerment for everyone.

Black-Managed Investment in the Energy Sector

Hulisani is all about people. We embody a culture of building relationships which is borne out of networking and collaborating with like-minded people to build a team of experts, which earns the trust of our clients.

Black-Managed Investment in the Energy Sector

These relationships are built over time and provide a platform for a lifetime of trust, guaranteed delivery and partnership.

We also network with large, multinational utilities where we sit on the same boards and develop a common vision regarding energy and growth.

“We have got to be impatient with moving Africa forward relentlessly – we have no choice. In 2025, there is absolutely no reason why Africa should not be totally lit up with the power it needs to industrialise. We must remember that no economy ever develops unless you have the base load power to drive industries and be competitive. So, while we must explore every single thing – we will use the sun until the sun becomes the moon… we will tap all of that renewable energy. But let’s not forget, for this continent to create the jobs it needs fast, we must have base load power. So, I believe that in ten years… we absolutely must develop Africa with pride and have universal access to electricity.”

(Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank – May 2016)