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Our Sustainable Energy Projects
– Your Investment at Work

Here we feature our project updates where we can see investors’ money at work, both for their benefit and for the benefit of developing sustainable energy solutions across Africa.

GRI Wind Steel South Africa Proprietary Limited
As Hulisani’s third transaction so far, this year, the indirect acquisition of 12.5% in GRI Wind Steel South Africa Proprietary Limited (“GRI SA”) is in line with its strategy to acquire and invest in a diverse basket of energy producing assets with potential for growth.

GRI SA, is a producer of wind towers to the global market with the capacity to provide the global market with 150 towers per year. With the supply of wind towers continuing to outstrip demand worldwide, the prospect of exporting while creating jobs and industrialisation in South Africa is an exciting one.

This deal also importantly marks a move down the renewable energy value chain for Hulisani.

Red Cap Energy – Kouga Wind farm
Hulisani successfully acquired a viable acquisition in the form of a 6.67% interest in Redcap’s Kouga Wind Farm, situated in the Eastern Cape.

It is a renewable energy project which makes the most of the fresh onshore breezes that sweep the Eastern Cape coastline of South Africa. Commercial Operation of the Wind Farm officially commenced on the 17th of March 2015.

With its 32 Turbines it delivers 80 megawatts of grid-connected capacity in the quest to power the country’s low-carbon future.  Further to this it has brought a wide range of positive benefits to the Kouga region, which has a history of limited local energy generation, by significantly enhancing energy security for business, farmers and the community while at the same time adding to local economic development.

Rustmo – PV Solar Farm
Hulisani, through a wholly owned SPV, purchased 100% of the issued share capital in Momentous Technologies.

Hulisani, through a wholly owned SPV, purchased 100% of the issued share capital in Momentous Technologies. Momentous Technologies owns 66% of the issued share capital in Rustmo1 Solar Farm (RF) Proprietary Limited (“Rustmo”). Rustmo is a 7MW solar PV plant located in Rustenburg. Rustmo was one of the 18 solar PV power plants constructed in the first round of REIPPPP.

Rustmo reached COD, ahead of schedule, in November 2013. Rustmo is a utility scale solar farm has an installed capacity of 7 MW, capable of generating more than 12.5 million kWh of clean solar power annually.