Investment Strategy

Currently, our focus is in South Africa, where we are building a reputation for reliability, credibility and innovation. We will only expand into Sub-Saharan Africa once a foundation has been established and growth is sustainable and sufficiently derisked. Opportunities range from operating assets to developing those that are ready for bid.

We protect our investments by evaluating and monitoring :
  • contractual frameworks,
  • operational performance,
  • counterparty risks,
  • the quality and experience of the management team,
  • the security of cash flows backed by guarantees,
  •  the return on that investment,
  • inflation beating ability of cash flows,
  •  socio-economic impact, and
  • environmental considerations.

Investment Approach

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Internal Assessment & Approval

  • Approval

  • External Due Diligence

  • Internal Assessment & Approval

  • Investment Commitee

  • Board Approval

  • Deal Execution

  • Value Creation

Characteristics of our investments

  • Stable cash flows and economic insensitivity

    Due to the contracted nature of the cash flows, we can predict with certainty, the long-term, cash-yielding ability of the asset.

  • Inflation protection

    Contracted cash flows in the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have a sovereign guarantee with the ability to increase rates linked to inflation over time.

  • Attractive long-term returns

    The services provided by energy and infrastructure assets are essential for the functioning and growth of society.

  • Predictable usage profile

    As a result of low-usage volatility, it is easier to predict the use of the asset over its life-span.

  • The assets are insensitive to the economic climate as they are contracted with an inflation-protection mechanism

    This leads to a low correlation to other major asset classes, resulting in compelling defensive and diversification benefits.