Investment Policy

We look for where we can make meaningful investments in assets that demonstrate solid operational performance and have potential for long-term returns.

We look for where we can make meaningful investments in assets that demonstrate solid operational performance and have potential for long-term returns.

A Compelling Investment Strategy

Our aim is to look specifically for investment opportunities in consistent, predictable and reliable inflation-linked long-term energy projects. One of the key areas in which we invest is Independent Power Producers (IPPs), where we consider both primary and secondary opportunities.

Our initial focus has been on secondary opportunities, which are investments in established operating assets that already have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in place. These provide stable, consistent, predictable and reliable inflation-linked cash flows from largely de-risked energy-related projects that have operational performance history and either a dividend paying history or with the potential to pay dividends in the near term.

Primary investment opportunities are where we invest at bid stage, during construction or at any time before the commercial operation date. These opportunities require investment partnerships with established developers to manage the risk from financial close to the commercial operation date. This includes the management of the risks during construction through a fully wrapped turnkey construction contract, which ensures the delivery of a power plant at the agreed time and at the agreed cost. If the costs escalate, the plant is not delivered on time or there are engineering challenges, the risk is borne by the construction company.

We believe that there is a benefit in investing earlier than the commercial operation date in that Hulisani realises a higher yield as a result of our investment in these projects at an early stage. This ensures that Hulisani receives a higher yield whilst only contributing equity once all the contracts have been signed. We believe that investing in both primary and secondary projects is complementary and that a combination of primary and secondary transactions in our portfolio will ensure a sufficiently diversified basket of assets with an attractive yield.

The projects we invest in typically have a guarantee mechanism behind them provided by the off-taker of the power to ensure consistent, predictable and reliable inflation-linked returns. In the case of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), and other South African IPP programmes, there is ultimately a sovereign guarantee in place that ensures payment.

It is worth reiterating that our PPA returns are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), meaning that returns are automatically adjusted by the prevailing CPI, thus ensuring that real returns are realised throughout the term of the PPA as the returns are not eroded by inflation.

The assets held by Hulisani provide opportunities for potential shareholders to invest in an asset class that gives sustainable, long-term, consistent, predictable and reliable inflation-linked returns. We participate in equity investments as well as other instruments that allow us to have exposure to a similar return profile from the project.

This is a strategy that has borne fruit as it has positioned Hulisani well and provides flexibility when looking at structuring to realise the most optimal returns. Through our hands-on involvement in each of our assets, we carefully track trends in the energy sector and pre-empt market demand by ensuring that we are well placed to take up opportunities as and when they arise

Where and when do we invest?

Currently our focus is in South Africa, where we are establishing and building a reputation for reliability, credibility and innovation. We plan to move into other sub-Saharan African regions once a strong local foundation is established. This is to ensure that our growth is sustainable and sufficiently de-risked to mimic a similar framework to what we have in South Africa. Opportunities range from operating assets and joint ventures, to developing those that are ready to bid for a PPA.

Hulisani pursues various acquisitions and investments in energy assets. These assets include energy generation, distribution and transmission infrastructure and general assets in the energy value chain. The primary focus is on energy generation IPPs which currently make up more than 70%of the company’s investments, with the other complementary businesses supplying the energy production value chain to enhance the upside and good management of the IPPs.

These complementary businesses will not constitute more than 10% to 15% of total investments in the long term.

The bankability of REIPPP and other related IPP programmes like the gas-to-power and coal-to-power programmes is secured through the terms of four non-negotiable agreements:

  • PPA – Eskom enters into a PPA with the IPPs, securing power off-take.
  • Government Framework Support Agreement (GFSA) – Eskom and Government set the terms of support and interfacing.
  • Direct Agreement (DA) – IPPs enter into a DA with lenders to secure project financing.
  • Implementation Agreement (IA) – IPPs and government enter into an IA which confirms, inter alia, Socio-Economic Development (SED) commitments and Government’s support for Eskom’s payment obligations.

We look for similar guarantee mechanisms when we consider power generation projects that have private off-takers, are not located in South Africa or when the off-taker is not the government of South Africa.

Why energy and Hulisani are attractive investments?

Hulisani’s investments have several appealing characteristics:

  • The assets are insensitive to the economic climate as they offer a high level of security with regards to their future revenues, with a contract that contains an inflation-protection mechanism. This leads to a low risk correlation to other major asset classes, resulting in compelling defensive and diversification benefits.
  • Energy Infrastructure will continue to require investment because the need for this infrastructure is a never-ending cycle. Growing populations need to be supported by additional infrastructure while ageing infrastructure needs to be periodically upgraded or replaced, as is the case with Eskom at the moment.

Hulisani has crafted its investment portfolio with the right level of diversity across various types of energy investments as well as with the optimum balance between guaranteed, stable returns and upside on new investments that are still coming to the fore, which means that we have a base return but have the potential to realise upside.

Our investment philosophy looks for, and takes into account, the need for a positive socio-economic impact in the communities where our assets operate, and typically extends well beyond compliance requirements. We have taken the opportunity in the past year to further enhance our stimulus through active and careful monitoring of the impact of our investments. The company has established strong corporate governance mechanisms and exercises prudent financial management to ensure that not only does Hulisani realise consistent, predictable and reliable inflation-linked returns, but also has a positive impact in the communities where we invest.

Hulisani’s experienced board and executive team members have led to Hulisani realising synergies inherent in the investments as well as creating additional organic opportunities that only experience and innovation can unlock, which is particularly important for long term sustainability in a rapidly changing and challenging energy landscape.

Key Features of Hulisani Investments

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Stable cash flows Due to the contracted nature of the cash flows, we can predict with certainty, the long-term, cash-yielding ability of the asset.
Economic insensitivity The assets are insensitive to the economic climate as they are contracted with an inflation-protection mechanism
Inflation protection Contracted cash flows in the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have a sovereign guarantee with the ability to increase rates linked to inflation over time.
Attractive long-term returns The long-term nature of Hulisani’s investments ensures increasing yields over the life of the asset.
Predictable usage profile As a result of low-usage volatility, it is easier to predict the use of the asset over its life-span.
Low correlation to other major asset classes Compelling defensive and diversification benefits.