Kouga Wind Farm

The Kouga Wind Farm began commercial operations in 2015 and is one of the first Wind Farms to be connected under the REIPPP. Located in the Oyster Bay region of the Eastern Cape, Kouga Wind Farm was part of the first round of REIPPP projects.

The R2 billion wind farm comprises 32 wind turbines which each produce 2.5MW, bringing the total capacity of the plant to 80MW.

Hulisani holds a 6.67% interest in Kouga Wind Farm.

Project Highlights

  • BID Window 1 REIPPP Project – one of the first Wind Farms under the REIPPP
  • Comprises 32 wind turbines that each produce 2.5MW – connected to SA power grid
  • Annually adds 300 million KWh of clean electricity to the grid – enough for 50 000 average SA households per year
  • In 2019, Kouga has 16 years remaining of a 20 year PPA to supply electricity to Eskom
  • Hulisani is represented on the board and works closely with the management team at Kouga
  • Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust is expected to invest R32m into the Kouga communities in the new financial year