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Long-Term Investment Opportunities in Energy for Africa

Africa is crying out for energy. Hulisani is on a mission to heed that call. Hulisani is all about empowering people. Through our investment in the energy sector, we aim at nurturing economic benefits for all our stakeholders and helping to build an environment for job creation and socio-economic benefits. Our culture of building relationships is borne out of networking and collaborating with like-minded people.

Every dream begins as a small flicker,
a light in the dark to be nurtured and powered into existence

Nurturing Your Investment in Energy

Hulisani is a Venda word meaning “to nurture.”
It underlines our philosophy,
which is to nurture your investment in energy.

Our Investment Projects

We create solid, long-term investment opportunities for retirement funds, asset managers and private investors to participate in sustainable, profitable ventures in all forms of energy, from the conventional resources to renewable energy. Our vision is to contribute to the growth of sustainable energy initiatives across the continent.

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Your Opportunity

Hulisani sources good energy investment projects in South Africa. In time, we will extend our reach into Africa. The investors who work with us are seeking long-term and sustainable return on investment. Here they find opportunities for investment in suitable assets with attractive long-term cashflow.

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Sustainability. Consistency. Growth.