We are a proudly black-managed company committed to meaningful socio-economic development. True to the meaning of our name (Hulisani means ‘to nurture’ in TshiVenda), we aim to nurture economic benefits for all our stakeholders and help to build an environment for job creation and socio-economic benefits.

Invest Focus Areas



We identify and invest in the most promising electricity generation prospects to ensure that South Africa and other Emerging Markets can propel and power their economies to create more opportunities.




Access to opportunity can only be made possible through distribution. It connects everybody and provides access to electricity, giving people the opportunity for employment, education and various means to enjoy a better life. We plan on investing in this sector in the future, as it’s a crucial component of the energy value chain.


Value Chain

By investing in the energy ecosystem, we make it possible for other sectors in the economy to flourish and be revitalised, leading to more jobs and economic growth. The aim is to ensure consistent sustainability and stability.




Our investment in the energy universe ensures that stakeholders have access to advice and market insights to maximise all the opportunities that are available. This allows them to make more informed decisions and ultimately receive more value.




Wind Energy

Wind power is a cheap and sustainable form of energy that can be established in many areas in Southern Africa and, if implemented correctly, can substantially reduce energy costs due to its short payback period.

Peaking Power

Peaking power stations react quickly to changes in demand and supplement power generated by base load stations.

Hydo Power

South Africa has a mix of small hydroelectricity stations and pumped water-storage schemes and, as long as there is water, energy from waves, tides, waterfalls and rivers will always be available.

Clean Coal

sing internationally-proven Circulating Fluidised Bed(CFB) technology it is possible to build new power generation plants fuelled by discarded coal.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most readily accessible resource in South Africa and with the development of the country’s solar-equipment industry, lends itself to a number of potential uses.

Biomass Power

To generate electricity, Biomass Power uses raw or processed plant material which includes agricultural residues, wood waste, paper trash, municipal solid waste (MSW), energy crops and methane captured from landfill sites.

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